Fungal Nail Treatments

A breakthrough in fungal nail treatment

Fungal nail infections (onychomycosis) affect more than 30% of people. They can be present in both finger nails and toenails but are particularly common in the feet because of the warm, damp environment caused by shoes, socks and sweat!

Fungal nails do not kill you but they are a serious risk for people with poor skin condition (tissue viability). The fungus can get in-between the cells of your skin and contribute to infections such as cellulitis. They are not very pretty and women often cover them up with nail polish. This is the worst thing to do as it creates an even better environment for the fungus to grow!! It can also damage the nail with chemical ablation!

The fungi (often dermatophytes) live off the keratin that makes up the nail. This nail becomes brittle and thicker. It will often look white on the surface or if the infection is deeper, it will typically be yellow or brown in appearance. Fungal nails can spread, particularly if the same nail clippers are used within a household!!

Our Treatment

We have access to a very unique and new treatment for fungal nail infections. Clearanail is a BRAND NEW concept developed using CMP (Controlled Micro Penetration) technology. This creates micro pathways (holes) in the nail plate allowing deeper access to the areas of infection without damaging the nail bed underneath. It works by detecting the difficulty in drilling through the nail. As soon as it becomes easier i.e. once it has passed through the nail, the drill automatically stops without any intervention from the Podiatrist. Artificial Intelligence for your feet!

Check out our video below:

These tiny holes allow topical treatment through to the infected areas, resulting in a much higher success rate of treatment in a shorter period of time.

The success rate is higher than all other topical treatment, because the treatment gets through to the bottom layers of the nail:

A Fungal Toenail

Drill through the nail with the smart drill – it stops when it passes through the nail so there is no discomfort

Spray with a fungicidal treatment to get rid of the infection

This treatment is safe to use with anyone of any health, as topical treatments have very few side effects.

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