Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics (Orthoses) and Insoles

Custom Orthotics (orthoses) are medical devices that are placed inside a shoe to alter how your foot and leg work. Contrary to popular belief, custom orthotics are not designed to make your foot straight or realign your body. The latest research points to them working by altering the direction and placement of force underneath your foot. This has the effect of reducing stress on your tissues, be it a tendon, joint or ligament. This is GREAT for helping out with certain injuries (like Heel Pain) and rehabilitation.

At Eclipse Foot Clinic, we have embraced modern technology for producing our custom orthoses. We 3D scan our clients to produce them:


3D scanning with the structure sensor is accurate to 0.4mm

No messy plaster casting


Use of this high-resolution technology has a number of benefits:

  • It is as accurate as possible
  • We keep your scans forever – plaster casts or impression boxes are disposed of by the labs after 6-12 months
  • They are digitally sent to our manufacturers – no waiting for postage
  • More environmentally friendly with less waste


What are Custom Orthotics made from?

3D Printed Orthotics

Using the latest technology for custom orthotic manufacturing, our 3D printed orthoses are state-of-the-art and more environmentally friendly than traditionally produced orthoses. As they are printed, it is possible to make them extremely thin and light but also strong. Reinforcement can be added to stiffen the device in key areas, without the shell needing to be a consistent thickness. Made from renewable castor oil, there is no material waste at the end of the manufacturing process, resulting in not just a great and durable device, but one that is less harmful for the planet.

Check out our video below of how these are manufactured:


Benefits of having 3D Printed Orthotics:

  • Highly adaptable with many features that can be incorporated into or removed from the device

  • A perfect replica for any subsequent sets of orthotics

  • More environmentally friendly – less waste and made of renewable material

  • Lifetime guarantee against breaking or cracking of the shell


Carbon Fibre (TL2100 and XT Sprint) Custom Orthotics

Available with various top cover lengths, carbon fibre is a great and durable material, particularly when space in a shoe is limited

Highly durable, thin (less than 3mm thick) and slightly forgiving, these are a good choice for the majority of patient needs. They tend to be better tolerated by patients than a plastic orthotic as they are less rigid. This is particularly important for sports men and women. They can be fitted with 3 different lengths of top cover material.

Carbon Fibre has a great deal of durability built into it and will often last in excess of 10 years.


Semi-Bespoke Orthotic Device

A Semi-bespoke insole

Not everybody requires the control and support offered by a fully-fledged custom orthotic so at Eclipse Foot Clinic we can also provide semi-bespoke orthoses in a variety of types. Our preferred device is a pre-made semi flexible plastic shell that is sized to a patients feet and then sent off to one of the Orthotic Laboratories that provides our fully custom devices. Once there, it is given a make over with additions and top covers to offer the correction that you need. Much more durable than an off-the-shelf insole, these can last for several years before needing recovering or replacing.

If you are interested in having some orthotics made, get in touch and we can book you in for a Biomechanics Assessment!

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