Children's Foot and Leg Pain

Do you have concerns about your Children’s feet?

Children’s foot and leg pain can be distressing for any parent. Has your child been complaining of pains in their legs or feet? Have you taken them to the GP only to be told that they are growing pains?

Certain sports can bring on some types of childhood foot pain



Many difficulties that children have as they grow are related to the speed at which this happens – but they are normally real conditions that have real treatments available. This is particularly the case if they are very active.

Our Paediatric Specialist Podiatrist Lydia is an expert on children’s development and associated conditions. An assessment with her will give you answers to your questions about what is going on, why it has happened and how it can be fixed!

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Severs Disease

Severs Disease, otherwise known as calcaneal apophysitis, is the most common cause of all heel pain in children. It’s also the most common ‘condition’ we see children presenting with at Eclipse Foot Clinic.

Children's Flat Feet

Children having flat feet is a common concern of any parent, but in actual fact, in early stages of development babies, toddlers and children will all have flat feet. If this doesn’t change during development, we can help!

Children's Growing Pains

Growing pains in children are a common complaint we see as Podiatrists. The muscles of the calves, thighs and behind the knees are common places to be affected. We can help! Make an appointment today!

Children's Shin Pain

Shin pain could be categorised as either growing pains or ‘shin splints’, also called medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). This is a chronic overuse injury that affects many sporty kids and teenagers.

Children's Knee Pain

Osgood Schlatters is one of the most common causes of knee pain in children. In Osgood Schlatter’s, pain is located just below the front of the knee and is often associated with swelling and tenderness.

Pigeon-toe Walking

In-toeing, otherwise known as pigeon toe walking, is noted when someone walks with their feet pointed inwards. It is one of the more common things we see children with at Eclipse Foot Clinic.

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