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“In the time available Peter asked about and listened to all the background information I was able to give him. He made constructive suggestions and did not try to give me a HARD SELL in any direction. I was very impressed”

S Peploe

Foot Pain and Leg Pain – What’s the answer?

There are many things that can cause foot pain and leg pain, but whatever is causing yours, it will undoubtedly be stopping you from doing the things you want. This might be getting out for a run to bust the stress of work, walking on the weekends or even simple day-to-day activities.

Having played some sort of sport for most of my life, I know just how this feels, having struggled with foot pain and injuries to my ankles, knee and shoulder throughout my career. It’s soooo frustrating having to sit on the sidelines while others are playing!

Often there isn’t just one cause of foot pain, but a range of small things that have led to a pain developing. Ultimately though, we want it fixed so we can crack on with the life we want. We’re here to help with that!

At Eclipse, our Specialist Team of Podiatrists use a mix of assessments including Gait Analysis, Orthopaedic tests and Physiotherapy-derived exercises to find out what’s causing your foot pain or leg pain, before putting a plan in place to get the problem resolved.

We have in-house Ultrasound Scanning to confirm a diagnosis and will liaise with other Specialists to ensure you get the best result possible.

Why not call us today and find out if we can help fix your foot or leg pain? Ask our friendly Reception team about a Biomechanics Assessment.


People we treat:
* Elite athletes and weekend warriors
* Orthopaedic patients
* Those at risk of falling
* Children
* Neurological conditions
* Stroke patients
* Rheumatology patients
* General foot/leg pain


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