Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenails are extremely common and even a minor ingrown toenail can quickly become more of an issue, particularly if an infection takes hold.

Unfortunately, many ingrown toenails are self inflicted, with poor cutting technique or digging down the sides of the nails being the most common causes. Early Podiatry intervention is particularly important before these become an issue!

Various sports, footwear and genetic predisposition are all additional contributors to this painful condition.

Regardless of how an ingrown nail starts, the treatment can vary from fairly simple conservative management to more complex surgical procedures.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Prior to any treatment our expert Podiatrists will examine the nail(s) and ask some questions around the development and the things you’ve tried to sort it out! Is it the first time this has happened? Has it become infected? Is there any extra growth of tissue (hypergranulation tissue) around the ingrown part? The answer to these questions determines what sort of treatment may be required.

Sometimes despite looking pretty unpleasant, the nail isn’t painful and our Podiatrists can trim away a small section to stop it ingrowing again.

When is minor surgery required?

If traditional treatment is unsuccessful then in many circumstances a minor surgical procedure is required and this is highly successful at preventing a return of your symptoms.

This is a severe ingrown nail that requires surgery

A local anaesthetic is injected into the toe, which allows us to remove the ingrowing section of nail painlessly. We then apply a chemical to stop that part of the nail from growing back – otherwise the problem could re-occur within a few months.

All clients who request this procedure require an assessment for suitability. Sometimes this is available on the same day as your surgical treatment. Your surgical package includes:

  • Surgery for ingrown toenail(s) under local anaesthetic
  • A supply of dressings (normally enough for 2 weeks)
  • Up to 2x follow up appointments
  • Our PNA guarantee: for self funding clients that have had a partial nail avulsion procedure, if the nail regrows, we’ll repeat the procedure once at no cost to you

Please find below a link to download our pre-operative advice sheet. This includes all of the possible complications that would be expected with this minor operation.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Nail Surgery Pre-op advice Sheet

We are covered by all major insurance providers for this treatment apart from AXA PPP and Vitality.

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