Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Are you looking for a SUCCESSFUL Laser Fungal Nail Treatment?

  • Are you struggling to treat your fungal toenail infection?
  • Have you tried all of the fungal nail treatment out there, including home remedies and pharmacy treatments and still got nowhere?
  • Maybe your doctor doesn’t want to know?
  • Have you heard about laser fungal nail treatment, but seen lots of different types out there?
  • Do your nails look a bit like this:



That could all change when you visit us at Eclipse Foot Clinic


We have been successfully providing fungal nail treatment in Winchester and Basingstoke for years and have the results to prove it!

We don’t just use one treatment type, but cover all bases to ensure the most joined-up fungal nail treatment possible and give you the best chance of success! Called the Fungal 360 Package, this forms one of our Proven Processes that has been tested, measured and adjusted over time to get the best results today.

Step 1

We start by visually assessing the severity of the infection and score this using something called the OSI. This helps inform our choice of treatment.

Step 2

We then offer the option of nail testing – this 97% accurate test confirms the presence of fungus, because there are many things that LOOK like it, but which actually aren’t! You wouldn’t be the first person we’ve seen that has been treating what they thought was fungus for years, only to find out with our test that it was damage from trauma!

A positive result on our in-house test



Step 3

To get the best treatment outcomes, we use 2 complimentary yet different treatments at the same time.


A combination of laser therapy using the S30 Podylas laser (specifically designed for killing nail fungus) AND painlessly drilling little holes into the nail (Lacuna), provides a double knock-out to the fungal nail infection.

S30 Podlyas Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

The laser fungal nail treatment works by sending light pulses through the nail, quickly raising the temperature of microorganisms and killing the fungal spores that allow it to grow, without damaging the surrounding tissue. Laser treatment of fungal nail infections is quick, painless and just as successful as topical or tablet treatment without any side-effects. In a recent study conducted by the University of Barcelona, 150 patients were treated for fungal nail infections using the S30 Podylas – they achieved a 90% success rate! Four treatment sessions every 2 weeks for 8 weeks is the minimum required. Multiple nails can be treated at each laser session. Occasionally more sessions are required for severe cases.


Lacuna Fungal Nail Treatment

To double down on the laser fungal nail success rate, the Lacuna process provides access to the nail bed for topical medication to get in and assist in killing the fungi. Normally, the hard nail proves difficult or impossible for treatments to get through, so this additional quick, painless treatment ensures they get to where they’re needed. Lacuna treatment needs to be repeated once every 8-10 weeks, to produce new holes as your nail grows.


Step 4

We then provide all of the aftercare products and advice you need to continue your treatment at home.

Step 5

We will review your progress to check how your treatment is going. This is essential to monitor your progress – if you stop treatment too soon, you may become reinfected.

Step 6

Once you are fungus free, we give you the prevention advice to reduce your risk of reinfection. There is a high risk of reinfection, as fungal spores are all around us, so knowing how to manage this risk is essential.

Our fungal nail laser treatment and lacuna:

  • Is safe and painless
  • Has no recovery or downtime
  • Has no side effects
  • Is suitable for low risk diabetics
  • Is faster than other treatments

Remember, all fungal nail treatments require the new, cured nail to grow out, which can take up to a year! So if you want to have your toes ready for summer, book early and start your treatment as soon as possible!


So what is your next step (pun intended!)?

Having brought together 2 successful treatments for fungal nails, coupled with our rigorous assessment and aftercare process, we can give you the BEST chance of fixing your fungal toenails. There are other options for treatment available too, so the best thing is to book in for a Fungal Nail Assessment Appointment and we’ll talk you through the options.

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