Ultrasound Scanning

Steroid Injections for Feet and other Injuries

Here at Eclipse Foot Clinic, we use the most appropriate treatments to get you pain free as quickly as possible. Podiatrists are quite unique in that we have access to most options within our scope of practice to help people with pain in their feet. Operating as a high-end Podiatry service, Eclipse not only carries out a full lower limb assessment, but can treat people suffering from foot pain with:


Our MSK Lead Podiatrist Edd uses ultrasound scanning to aid in assessment of your foot and ankle pain. As a fully qualified Sonographer, Edd has extensive experience of using this equipment in daily practice. All of our steroid injections for feet are carried out under ultrasound guidance.

What can steroid (and other) injections be used for?

There are many conditions that can be helped with a therapeutic injection. Here are some that we treat on a regular basis:


Watch a quick 1 minute video to show Edd injecting a Mortons neuroma under ultrasound guidance:



Who could benefit from a therapeutic injection?

  • People who’s pain is not improving with conservative treatment options
  • Those with chronic (long term) symptoms from plantar fasciitis, Mortons neuroma or other pathologies


So what next?

If you are interested in having a steroid (or other) injection, the first step is to have a Biomechanics Assessment. The appointment may include:

  • A Gait Analysis
  • An Ultrasound Scan (with Edd Henstridge)
  • An orthopaedic-based assessment
  • Strength and functional testing
  • Exercise prescription
  • Footwear advice

This will ultimately lead to a treatment plan that will address your current concerns or injuries, tailored specifically for you. It may not be appropriate to consider a steroid injection for you or your particular condition, but alternative treatment options will be fully discussed if that is the case. We rarely use single forms of treatment (like a steroid injection on its own) as most conditions require a joined up approach to treatment to get you the best outcome.

If you would like to book a Biomechanics assessment, please call us on the number on this page or click the link below.

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