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Nobody likes to have painful or unsightly feet. Eclipse is about so much more than that… It’s about getting you back to doing the things that you love, wearing the shoes you like and generally keeping you feeling the best at any age. At Eclipse Foot Clinic, we achieve these goals for our clients.

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We can help you with

We treat all manner of foot issues, from toe nail cutting through to Sports Injuries. However we have special interests in:


What we provide

Whether you’re in for a regular Chiropody Treatment or Video Gait Analysis, you’ll be given a clear explanation of what is causing your symptoms. We’ll then discuss the treatment choices from an unbiased viewpoint, giving you the option of how you’d like your treatment to proceed.

How We Can Help

Biomechanics Assessments

By completing an Orthopaedic examination and looking at the way you walk or run, we are able to understand what may have caused your injury or pain

Swift Verruca Treatment

A verruca is caused by a virus. Our Swift Verruca Treatment is THE most effective for this stubborn condition

Ultrasound Scanning

We often use Ultrasound Scanning to confirm our clinical diagnosis. This is a truly great tool to give you clarity around what is causing your symptoms

3D Printed Insoles

Our treatment may involve the provision of bespoke insoles to put inside your shoes. We offer a range of products, including TRUE 3D Printed insoles and carbon fibre insoles

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Podiatry’s most advanced Laser treatment for fungal nails! Success rates have never been higher!!

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Sometimes, despite careful management ingrown toenails simply won’t get better. A minor surgical procedure to remove part or all of a problem nail is often the best solution

Children's Foot and Leg Pain

Often, parents can have concerns about how their children are walking or running. Lydia has an interest in paediatrics and can let you know what is happening and why

General Treatment

Our Podiatry team offer a top class Chiropody treatment service, providing all treatments from toenail cutting through to ingrown toenail surgery

Shockwave Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

We use the most advanced Shockwave Therapy machine in the world – the EMS Medical Mastertouch – to solve your heel pain

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are a treatment option for a number of foot and ankle pains that we treat

Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most common causes of foot pain, plantar fasciitis is no joke! It can take years to settle on its own – our proven process reduces this to weeks!

Our Locations

We operate from clinics in Winchester and Basingstoke; both are readily accessible with free on-site parking, wheelchair access and Covid-secure procedures.

Lychpit, Basingstoke

 Olivers Battery, Winchester

Meet the Team

Not only are the Clinical Team at Eclipse all HCPC registered, you’ll find a warm welcome and a friendly environment for your treatment