We’re really excited to be offering Swift Verruca treatment at Eclipse.

While we’ve been waiting for it to arrive, the team have been preparing some video snippets to explain a little about how it works, what to expect and its success rates. To kick things off, here is a little explainer video showing you why it’s so accurate and safer than other forms of treatment.

Don’t forget, the initial research puts its success rate at 76%! But it’s key secret is in the speed of treatment, which takes as little as 5 seconds per verruca, meaning you’re back doing your normal activities as soon as you walk out of the treatment room!

Did you know that up to 12% of the population have a verruca on their foot or feet?

These can often be uncomfortable or unsightly and people want treatment for them!

Traditional treatments have included salicylic acid, cryotherapy, electro surgery, lasers and excision, but unfortunately none of these are much more than 50% successful.

Infected tissue often lies quite deeply within the skin and many traditional treatments don’t penetrate that far or damage the surrounding tissue with blistering.

Swift on the other hand delivers a very precise application of microwave energy to a precise depth, meaning that you can destroy the verruca without damaging the surrounding skin.

Advantages of this over other treatments like lasers and electrosurgery are that you create no smoke or plume of tissue, which contains high concentrations of the virus that causes the verruca and can be breathed in.

It works in the same way that your kitchen microwave does: by making the water molecules try and line up with the microwaves, they jiggle about and bash into one another, creating heat.

This heat quickly destroys all of the infected cells and creates a very accurate area of treatment.

The treatment is over in as little as 5 seconds. The skin starts to heal itself immediately, with rapid regeneration of the damaged tissue. By the time a further treatment may be needed, about 4 weeks after the previous one, the skin is ready to begin the process all over again!

To book an appointment for a Swift Assessment and Treatment, call Eclipse Foot Clinic on 0800 999 7337.