Verruca Treatment

Verruca Treatments

Verruca’s are warts on the foot caused by a virus. There are over 200 subtypes of this virus, three main ones being found on the foot. Verruca treatment varies a lot, and only some have a better than average success rate.

There is a common misconception that they are caught at swimming pools, but the virus is in fact everywhere, not just confined to this area. However, the non-slip tiles on the sides of the pool do rough up the skin on the bottom of soggy feet – making it easier for the virus to get in!

The virus is very clever. A bit like the common cold, it hides from our immune system by masking certain things on the surface of our cells. That way, the antibodies can’t pick up that it’s there.

Verruca Appearance

Contrary to popular belief, a diminished immune system is not the reason you have caught a verruca. As above, you can pick these up from anywhere.


Verrucae can take anything from 6 weeks up to years to disappear. At Eclipse Foot Clinic, we have the latest technology to treat your verruca. This includes SWIFT, a revolutionary treatment that uses microwave energy to treat verrucae in a controlled and precise manner.

Swift Verruca Treatment

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