Orthoses and Insoles

Orthoses and Insoles

Orthoses are medical devices that are placed inside a shoe to alter how your foot and leg work. Contrary to popular belief, they are not designed to make your foot straight or realign your body. The latest research points to them working by altering the direction and placement of force underneath your foot. This has the effect of reducing stress on your tissues, be it a tendon, joint or ligament.

Insoles and orthoses come in many shapes and sizes, from off the shelf types that you can buy from the chemist, to bespoke custom made medical devices. These can be made to control the way your muscles and tendons work or to accommodate bony areas or troublesome corns, or even a bit of both!

At Eclipse Foot Clinic, we understand that not every patient will need a bespoke orthotic device. However, we know that every patient is unique and will likely have very specific requirements. As a result, we don’t use many factory made off the shelf insoles, designed to NEARLY fit 1000s of people.



Instead we will use some standard off the shelf insoles that are heavily modified within the clinic to work with a patient’s particular problem. Generally termed a trial insole, they allow us to gauge whether an insole is the right treatment option for you, without going to the expense of buying a custom orthotic device.

That said, in our experience patients will get a better outcome from the use of custom orthoses, as there is a greater choice of materials and adjustments that can be made. Our custom made orthoses are made from:

Carbon Fibre

Highly durable, thin (less than 3mm thick) and slightly forgiving, these are our number one choice for the majority of patient needs. They tend to be better tolerated by patients than a plastic orthotic as they are less rigid. This is particularly important for sports men and women. They can be fitted with 3 different lengths of top cover material.

Carbon Fibre has a great deal of durability built into it and will often last in excess of 10 years. However, there can be changes to your gait over this period of time and it is recommended that you have a check up every few years to ensure the orthotic matches your requirements.


EVA has been around for many years and is often found in trainers and walking shoes/boots. At Eclipse Foot Clinic we use bespoke, hand made EVA orthotic devices. This results in a much improved fit when compared to a CAD-CAM product as it is produced off a plaster cast of your feet.
Excellent for areas in need of pressure reduction such as corns, arthritic areas and foot deformity, they can also be good for sports people requiring a very forgiving orthotic.

EVA comes in different densities (how hard it is) and this has an effect on how long they will last. A very heavy user of a soft EVA may only get 6 months to 1 year of use, whereas a higher density (harder) type will last much longer.

Semi-Bespoke Orthotic Device

Not everybody requires the control and support offered by a fully-fledged custom orthotic so at Eclipse Foot Clinic we can also provide semi-bespoke orthoses in a variety of types. Our preferred device is a pre-made semi flexible plastic shell that is sized to a patients feet and then sent off to the same Orthotics Laboratory that provides our fully custom devices. Once there, it is given a make over with additions and top covers to offer the correction that you need. Much more durable than an off-the-shelf insole, these can last for several years before needing recovering or replacing.

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