Children's Feet

Do you have concerns about your Children’s feet?

Has your child been complaining of pains in their legs or feet? Have you taken them to the GP only to be told that they are growing pains?

Certain sports can bring on some types of childhood foot pain


Many difficulties that children have as they grow are related to the speed at which this happens – but they are normally real conditions that have real treatments available. This is particularly the case if they are very active.


Children’s feet grow very quickly and this constant change in foot length and shape puts a number of stresses and strains on both the bones and soft tissue, such as muscles and ligaments.

There are some specific childhood injuries and conditions that Podiatrists treat:

  • Severs Disease (heel pain)
  • Intoeing
  • Knocked knees
  • Knee pain in Sport
  • Kohlers Disease
  • Tip Toe Walking

If you have concerns about how your child is walking or their feet in general, Eclipse Foot Clinic will undertake a thorough assessment and lower limb examination to identify any issues.

Pete also holds a free drop in session for children at the superb Billy Goat Shoes in Alresford. If you have concerns about your childrens foot development, contact the shop to find out when the next one is. Check out their website for the huge range of childrens footwear on offer – fitting is superb from Jo Hemsley and her team!

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