Our Feet Out to Help Out Offer – £10 off for all New Patients

What a year 2020 has been! While the world tries to get to grips with the new normal, foot and ankle problems don’t go away.

To help out with this, we are offering a discount for all new Routine Podiatry patients that book in with James, our Specialist Podiatrist, during October, November and December!

James our Specialist Podiatrist

What do you get as part of this offer:

  • A full Podiatry Assessment of your foot health
  • Any routine treatment that may be required (nail care and treatment; callus or corn removal; conservative treatment of in-growing nails etc.)
  • Foot health advice (skin care etc.)
  • Application of our lovely foot cream to finish
Simply use the code JT20 when you book your appointment and £10 will automatically be deducted from your appointment fee.

This offer is exclusive to our flagship Basingstoke Clinic. Please use the correct offer code, which MUST be given as part of the booking, whether by phone, email or online.


Use the code JT20 – valid at time of booking only

Use the code JT20


If you have any questions about this offer or the treatment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch




We totally believe that we can fix your feet. Let us show you why we’re World-Class!


Discount available at time of booking only

Appointment must be booked before the 18th of December 2020

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