Motics Copilot for Clinical Notes

Motics Copilot – AI-generated clinical notes

Motics Copilot is an AI system that helps healthcare professionals automate note-taking, saving time and allowing more focus on patients. At Eclipse Foot Clinic, we are always looking for ways to enhance our service, and automating note-taking is just one way we can prioritize you.

How Does Motics Copilot Work?

Copilot silently records your consultation, capturing essential details to generate a clinical summary using artificial intelligence (AI). It complies with Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) standards for note-taking and GDPR guidelines for data use.


By automating note-taking, healthcare professionals can fully engage in your session, minimizing errors and providing the highest quality care.


All information is encrypted using industry-standard technology to securely capture, store, and transmit your data. Your information is stored on servers in London, hosted by Google, which cannot access your data. Audio recordings are automatically deleted after 48 hours for enhanced protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this technology affect my session?

No, Motics Copilot operates silently in the background. Your healthcare professional can focus on you and your needs without any interruptions.

Is my data safe and private?

Absolutely. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. All data is encrypted during transmission and storage. Audio recordings are deleted after 48 hours to provide additional protection.

Is my data being used for training AI?

No, Motics does not use audio recordings, patient information, or any data for training new AI models or sharing publicly. Your information is solely used to generate clinical notes for your benefit.

Can I have my data deleted?

Yes, you have the right to request the deletion of your data at any time.

Here is some more information on how we use your data with Motics Copilot:


At Eclipse Foot Clinic, we use Motics Copilot, an AI-powered tool designed to enhance clinic sessions by creating accurate medical notes by transcribing consultations. This privacy policy explains our data practices in compliance with UK law and GDPR.

Data Collection and Use

During Consultations: Motics Copilot records and transcribes consultations, capturing dialogue which is converted to text using artificial intelligence. This data is processed using artificial intelligence to create a medical record of your session.

We use this data to create and maintain accurate medical records.

Data Sharing and Consent

Your data is not sold or rented. It may be shared with healthcare providers at Eclipse Foot Clinic involved in your care. Audio recordings are deleted automatically 48 hours after recording.

Motics can only access data from a session when expressed written permission has been given to access this data for the purposes of technical support only.

Data Security

We prioritise the security of your data with measures like encryption and access controls, in line with GDPR requirements.

Your Rights

Under GDPR, you have the right to access, rectify, erase, and restrict processing of your data where applicable. You can also object to processing and request data portability.

Changes to This Policy

We may update this policy and will notify you of significant changes through our website or direct communication.

Contact Information

For questions about this policy or your data, please contact us at